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Cambridge Systems Biology Centre


Pandemic adaptations 2021-2022

We need to take account of individuals who may be vulnerable or need to self-isolate in thinking about how we deliver lectures, computational practicals, journal and whole class supervisions. While currently it is intended that all activities will be in person, please bear in mind that all arrangements are subject to change depending upon Government and University guidance. In addition, the specific needs of individuals leading teaching may result in some sessions being online.

In person activities will take place in rooms that have been risk-asssessed and approved by the Head of Department.

Masks: current University Guidance face coverings are expected to be worn in all internal multi-occupancy spaces and when moving around /through buildings.

We encourage you to wear them during lectures, practical and other sessions. We should all show courtesy towards others. Please bear in mind that some will have medical reasons for not wearing a mask.

Lectures: it is intended that lectures will be held in person – where possible please sit in alternate seats. Recordings for all lectures will be made available via Moodle.

Computational practicals: it is intended that the majority of the practical sessions will take place in person at the School of the Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Training Facility (BTF) in the Craik-Marshall building. These sessions will not be recorded. The remainder of the practical sessions will be delivered as live sessions where you log in to a virtual environment hosted in the BTF. These sessions will be recorded and available via Moodle.

Supervisions, Journal Sessions and Seminars: we expect to hold these in person but if it is necessary to hold these via Zoom or similar the sessions will be recorded and made available for 1 week on the Moodle site.

You are reminded that any recordings made available are for your personal use only and in no circumstances should be distributed further in any form.

Part III Systems Biology is a fourth year undergraduate course open to students who have completed Part II courses in Biological, Physical Sciences, Mathematics or Computer Sciences. (for more details - see Entry Requirements).  

Systems Biology is an integrated approach to the study of biology through experiment and the use of computer models with both predictive and explanatory power. It is interdisciplinary, requiring the participation of biological, physical, mathematical, engineering and computational sciences.

The Part III Systems Biology Course take approx. 24 students per year. The students who take this course will have completed Part II courses in a variety subjects within biological and physical sciences and mathematics.

applications to this course are usually made in the April of each academic year (for more information  - see Entrance Requirements)