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Cambridge Systems Biology Centre



The delivery of a complex multidisciplinary course would not be possible without the fabulous teaching contributions from many colleagues across University departments and research institutes, Industry and other Universities. Below is a list of those delivering lectures, practical sessions, supervisions and journal clubs in the 2020-21 academic year, some of these individuals have made very substantial contributions to the course over many years.

Akash Das (Dept of Pathology)
Alan Robinson (MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit)
Andy Tock (Dept of Plant Sciences)
Balaji Santhanam (St. Jude Children's Hospital)
Ben Hall (MRC Cancer Unit)
Ben Simons (Gurdon Inst & DAMTP)
Bertie Göttgens (Cambridge Stem Cell Inst)
Cecilia Castro (Dept of Biochemistry)
Clive D’Santos (CRUK Cambridge Inst)
David Huen (Dept of Genetics)
David Shorthouse (MRC Cancer Unit)
Dmitry Nashchekin (Dept of Genetics)
Duygu Dikicoglu (UCL)
Emma Soneson (Psychiatry Dept)
Fadwa Joud (CRUK Cambridge Inst)
Felipe Karam Tiexiera (Dept of Genetics)
Giovanni Di Veroli (AstraZeneca & CRUK)
Henrik Jonsson (Sanisbury Laboratory)
Henrik Salje (Dept of Genetics)
Hugo Tavares (Sainsbury Laboratory)
Ioannis Lestas (Dept of Engineering)
James Locke (Sanisbury Laboratory)
Jim Ajioka (Dept of Pathology)
Juan Mata (Dept of Biochemistry)
Jules Griffin (Imperial College London)
Julie Ahringer (Dept of Genetics)
Karen Lipkow (Dept of Genetics)
Kerstin Myer (Sanger Institute)
Konstantin Barylyuk (Dept of Biochemistry)
Lisa Breckels (Dept of Biochemistry)
Marko Hyvonen (Dept of Biochemistry)
Michael Imbeault (Dept of Genetics)
Nuno Miguel Oliveira (DAMTP)
Rayner Queroz (Dept of Biochemistry)
Richard Durbin (Dept of Genetics)
Ros Russell (Dept of Genetics)
Rosana Collepardo (Depts of Chemistry & Genetics)
Shane MacCarthy (Dept of Genetics)
Somenath Bakshi (Dept of Engineering)
Steve Russell (Dept of Genetics)
Sudhakaran Prabakaran (Dept of Genetics)
Sven Sewitz (Eagle Genomics)
Tom Ellis (Microsoft Research)
Tom Smith (Dept of Biochemistry)
Val Wood (Dept of Biochemistry)
Valeriya Malysheva (MRC LIMS)
Zahra Fahmi (Dept of Physics)