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Cambridge Systems Biology Centre


Statement on Part III Systems Biology Teaching for 2020-2021

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and government guidance, we have had to make some changes to the programme in order to mitigate against risks to health and to give you the best possible academic experience in the circumstances. We will continue to monitor and respond to the changing public health situation. 


The changes are:


The vast majority of lectures will be delivered online either by pre-recorded Panopto sessions available from the course Moodle site or live via Zoom (also recorded and on the Moodle site). We are looking to follow up lectures with live Q&A sessions.

Arrangements for submitted course work, including research project reports in the Easter Term and the group mini-project reports in the Lent Term, will be unchanged from previous years.

As previously noted, Research Projects will allow you to achieve the same learning outcomes but will be restricted to dry/computational work.

In terms of small group teaching, the structured supervision and journal sessions are run as whole class events. We are exploring the possibility of delivering at least some of these in a safe face-to-face setting, depending on the availability of appropriate space. Otherwise they will occur live via Zoom and we anticipate that they will be recorded and available on the Moodle site.

While overall, the material covered in the course will not change, there will inevitably be some structural changes in terms of how we deliver the teaching. Full details of how the course will be run will be provided later in the summer via the course handbook.